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'I could puff the guff and say we are committed to publishing the best non-fiction with the occasional foray into fiction and poetry. But stuff the guff. We do books that interest us when and as they come our way.'

Psychology News Press published its first book in 1981 and produced after a gap of 33 years its second book which became a best seller. Goodbye Dearest Holly written by Kevin Wells was wonderfully edited by Reuben Cohen who died tragically when he was only 38. Our third book Pushing The Limits, again edited by Reuben, was nominated for the Best Sports Book of the Year award.



Technologically we have lagged behind the times so this is our first web site. Look on our works ye mighty, as Ozymandias might have said, and don’t despair. But think of buying.

I Survived a Secret Nazi Extermination Camp is the harrowing and extraordinary story of the camp at Belzec. Unlike Auschwitz, Belzec is not a name we will all recognise but 600,000 Jews perished there. 

One man Rudolf Reder escaped and gave an account of the camp. Mark Forstater has traced it down and it is the centrepiece of his book, a remarkable odyssey into a truly dark death machine. Reder's story is horrifying. His testimony, the horror of what inmates suffered, and how he managed to survive and escape is an important addition to Holocaust literature.

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Mark Forstater was born in Philadelphia in 1943. He graduated from Central High School and Temple University. Mark has produced over 30 films since 1974, starting with the classic Monty Python and The Holy Grail. He has also published a series of books on philosophy and spirituality: The Spiritual Teachings of Marcus Aurelius, The Spiritual Teachings of Seneca, The Spiritual Teachings of Yoga and The Living Wisdom of Socrates. Mark lives in London. He has been married twice, has four daughters and three grandsons.

Talking Sense About Medicine by Richard Asher with a preface by Jane Asher

Richard Asher should be more famous than he is as he a number of important contributions to psychiatry and wrote amusingly about not just doctors’ dilemmas but doctors’ deceptions – and self deceptions. The history of literature is studded with doctors who wrote well.  Chekhov could write a fine scene and wield a scalpel well. William Carlos Williams was one of the great 20th century poets.  Freud was praised for his style even by those who thought that psychoanalysis was tosh.

Asher made a name for himself among by his articles in The Lancet which cast an affectionate but sceptical eye on how doctors. Many of the subjects he raised – the tendency of doctors to prescribe too many drugs too easily and the dangers of going to bed, especially in a hospital bed – are of relevant 40 years after he wrote them. So are the Seven Sins of Medicine as well as his advice to young doctors on how to get on.A small classic that we are proud to bring back to life and a book that will interest patients as well as doctors.

This book will be available soon from our store. Price £10.99 


'What we believe drives us – and never more so than in today’s world. Despite all the advances of sciences, God is far from dead. The new Pope is head of a Church of some two billion believers. There are well over a billion Muslims world wide. Yet, yet, shalom, salaam and peace and goodwill to all of God’s creatures is not that much in evidence.'

David Cohen